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Lezzietown is part of Perverted Pagan's Empire of adult link lists and blogs. Sites submitted to Lezzietown may also be listed on other sites in the Empire. The Empire currently includes Hot N Dirty Babes (general), The Erotic Cove TGP (general TGP), Fatty Patrol (BBW), Rear Entry Lovers (Anal), Lezzietown (Lesbian), My Kink Machine (Various Fetishes), Foxy Paradise (Softcore), and Teenie Luvs (Teens).

    • At this time, only Partners may submit to this network. If you do not have an account, please be prepared to submit 3 examples for consideration.
    • For the most part if you build a quality site, you will be welcome here. Quality to me means decent, attractive content that isn't overdone. If you are building your sites to be accepted at link lists like Link-o-Rama or Cleo's, you are already following their rules and should be fine here. If you are still lost, register at Greenguy's Board and do some reading or drop me a PM (Pagan).
    • Quality also means no consoles/pop-ups, redirects, full page ads, sleazy tricks, or sending malware/viruses/auto-bookmarking, etc. Your site should be relatively free of spelling and grammar errors. The language of this site is English.
    • Put some energy and creativity into your site, and you will be welcome here. If you want to try something different than the norm, by all means do submit it to me.
    • I am not going to put a restriction on the size of your pictures, how many pictures or movies per page, the number in your site. That's your call.
    • If you wish to submit more than one site per day, that is fine. Please don't submit to the same category!
    • Partners may submit AVS, Blogs, Movies and Picture free sites along with galleries and single posts. For Stories, you may submit a single story if you wish. I do not list paysites.
    • Do not submit duplicate content! When you log in to your partner account, you can see what you have already submitted and its status. If you submit duplicate sites and don't let me know, I reserve the right to terminate your account and remove your submissions.
    • Reciprocal Links are required for new submits as of June 1, 2016.
    • For simplicity, you only have to submit once (See links below). If I can at all use your listing on one of the other lists, I am more than happy to do so. I do not require a recip link for every site I list you on. So, for example, if you are submitting an Lesbian BBW site, you can do a recip for Lezzietown, Fatty Patrol, OR Hot 'N Dirty Babes. You only need to submit once using the form below. Your link may appear on all 3 lists, and possibly more. Suggested recips and anchor text (feel free to make up your own!):
      • Hot 'N Dirty Babes - http://www.hotndirtybabes.com/ - Anchor text - Hot N Dirty Babes
      • The Erotic Cove TGP - http://www.eroticove.com/ - Anchor text - Great Porn Fast
      • Lezzietown - http://www.lezzietown.com/ - Anchort text - Pure Lesbian Fun
      • Rear Entry Lovers - http://www.rearentrylovers.com/ - Anchor text- Backdoor Sex
      • Fatty Patrol - http://www.fattypatrol.com/ - Anchor text - All BBWs
      • Foxy Paradise - http://www.foxyparadise.com/ - Anchort text - Erotic Babes
      • My Kink Machine - http://www.mykinkmachine.com/ - Anchor text - Pure Kink
      • Teenie Luvs - Teens (Opening Summer 2016) - http://www.teenieluvs.com/ - Anchor text - Great Teen Porn

    • If you wish to trade hard links, please contact me.
    • IF you decide to change your site after I have listed you, please let me know just as a courtesy. I do not list any sites that promote defloration, underage, animal abuse or any illegal activities. I also do not list any sites that promote gambling.
    • By all means, feel free to email me with questions. As I build sites myself, I am very willing to work with you.

    • If you are ready to submit your site, the link is HERE. Partners may also use THIS LINK

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